Winter Tips

We've finally received a couple of winter blasts with a few warm ups here and there. Now is the time to be thinking ahead to spring and summer projects! 

A few things to keep in mind while we finish our winter season and are looking ahead to warmer weather:

  • When clearing snow make sure you don't bury your shrubs! Boxwoods especially don't like to be covered up in piles of snow. Your perennial plant material should be cut down to the ground and is dormant through the winter season. 
  • Make sure you pile snow far enough back off your drive or walks in anticipation of more snow. On some of the short warm ups we encounter piles won't melt off all the way. That creates an icey pile that is really hard to move to make way for more snow!
  • Now is a great time for tree pruning! Call us to get a quote!
  • We're doing design work now! Gather those ideas and let us work on a design now so you can get the best spot on next season's schedule!